Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Loaf Bread

2 cups/300gm self-raising flour or homemade self-raising flour 300gm plain flour + 4tsp baking powder (sifted)
1 cup/220gm mashed potato or sweet potato
1/2 cup/110gm caster sugar
1 cup/190gm raisins or mixed dried fruit
1/2 cup/125ml fresh milk

Grease loaf pan. Combine all ingredients in medium bowl; mix with a spoon, then knead on floured surface until smooth. Place mixture in prepared pan or shape it the dough with finger like a loaf then transfer into baking paper. Bake in hot oven or microwave oven 220-230C for about 30 minutes, Turn loaf into wire rack to cool. If you follow my special tips, once spray or grease the raw loaf before baking and after all will makes loaf soft, moist, shining, beautiful and not dry like normal loaf bread.


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