Monday, December 6, 2010

Salmon Sushi

Raw Fish
fresh fillet raw salmon fish enough for sushi - sliced
wasabi paste - enough for sushi

Konbu or Kelp Stock
20cm konbu /kelp - soak + 3 1/3 cups of water - make konbu stock for rice

Ingredient (serve 2 or 3)
2 cup rice japanese rice
2 cups konbu stock (use above stock)

Vinegared Dressing For Rice
2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cups vinegar- then added water (little bit water only)

  1. To prepare konbu Kelp Stock, 20cm konbu, wipe konbu with a clean cloth to clean, fill a bold with 3 1/3cups cold water and add the kelp cleaned in, let it stand for about 2 hours in summer and 4 hours in winter or soak konbu in the water for about one hour to make stock, remove the kelp when the stock is ready
  2. Wash the rice 30 min prior to cook, and drain on a sieve,
    Put the vinegar, sugar and salt to a small pot, and heat slightly until dissolved , This completes like the vinegar dressing
  3. placed the rice and stock into rice cooker, and cook. When cooking is finished, keep the cooker covered and let it stand for about 10 min until the grain are settled.
  4. Transfer the rice to a wooden sushi bold moistened with vinegar added water, sprinkle the vinegar dressing all over the rice, Using a flat wooden spoon , toss the rice with horizontal, cutting strokes while cooling the rice with the hand-fan, When tossing is completed, cover the rice with clean cloth moistened with vinegar added water,
  5. Tips on tips, I. Use only a sideways cutting motion when mixing the vinegar dressing with rice, otherwise, the rice will become mushy II. Wooden sushi bowls eliminate the excess moisture of cooked rice, and keep the grain firm. III. Used an electric fan if any at home, and set the current of air low and let it swing in order to let the rice exposed to the breeze while mixing the rice. It will facilitate cooling off the rice and result in making tasty and glossy vinegared rice
  6. Tips for making rice balls, prepare 1 small besin warm water 25-30C, soke your hand into the water is to prevents rice sticky on your hand, take a small portion vinegared rice put on your plam, press like an oval rice balls, after press the edged of rice with two finger, shape up like a square of your finger size, flatten a little bit, next add a little bit wasabi on the center of the rice as small as1/2 size of raw & dried soya bean, then cover with one slice of raw salmon fish, repeat the same method until finished, serving inside suitable dish and it's ready to serve


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